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The Long Haul

Sometimes I forget the many benefits of Yoga.

One of those benefits is KNOWING that every practice brings one closer to perfection.

A second benefit of Yoga is KNOWING it is every practice that really matters because there is no such thing as perfection.

That is Yoga. Now I must apply that to Life.

I was just getting to the stage of my recovery from my little accident, where I had to grit my teeth a little and work hard to get as much hand and wrist mobility back as possible... uncomfortable but necessary. And that was the CARROT.

Just a few weeks more work and movement will be back as close to normal as possible with the metal plates in the way.

But then the carrot got kicked way down the road.

The bones have healed VERY well.

So well that the Doc has decided the plates should come out.

Not the original plan, but I go back to surgery in three to four months.

Better eventually, but it feels like a long haul. But every practice brings the carrot closer.

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